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Contributing your article.

We would love to feature your article on Sapsonic if you are writing about a topic relevant for our audience. Our audience comprises startup founders, growth and marketing professionals, VCs, and product management pros.  If you believe your content will be relevant for this audience, do reach out to us using the details below.

Here are some important guidelines to abide by:

  • All content must be original.  We expect you to write the article yourself and cite external sources as relevant.
  • Content must not be duplicate.  You should not submit an article that has already been featured elsewhere.
  • Do not use the content to market yourself or your services, backlinking to your website is perfectly alright. However, we suggest linking to your home page rather than a specific page on your website to ensure that the links don’t break in the future.
  • Make your articles opinionated, rather than a statement of facts.  Even if you cite facts, you should also share what you think about those facts.
  • Add flair to your article by using stock photography (with proper citations) from UnsplashPexelsBurstThe Stocks
  • Avoid clickbaity headlines.
  • You must complete your profile on Sapsonic for your article to go live.  Make sure to use your real name and photograph, you might get banned if you use incorrect information.

Ready to write for us?

If you’ve reviewed the guidelines and would like to write for us, please send me an email using the button below.